National Airpark and Country Club






National Airpark and Country Club






National Airpark and Country Club

An Exclusively Planned Residential Airpark & Country Club Community

The Vision

Arrive and taxi your aircraft to your residence, play championship golf, enjoy Montana’s vast outdoors and luxury country club living in a smart, secure, green energy exclusively planned estate – encompassing 8,000+ acres with like-minded individuals; an ultramodern residential community that will set an example of what can be accomplished with proper planning, funding, administration and good people. Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club is a state-of-the-art planned development that will be located near a metropolitan center in Montana providing a vast outdoor setting designed to embody a lifestyle of aviation, golf, equine (equestrian), luxury living, and sustainable green energy solutions. Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club represents the pinnacle of success in life and business as defined by aviation, entrepreneurship, golf, and play.

The following is an ambitious and bold project designed to provide a unique quality of life, easy access to business centers and a gateway to the world from your doorstep.  A private residential development integrating a residential airpark, a championship level golfing community, an exclusive country and racquet club with diverse outdoor and indoor activities that ties it all together. We believe in integrating aviation mobility, championship level golf, an elegant country club, racquet club, elite fitness center, equestrian facility, outdoor luxury living and striving to be energy independent. We also believe high-net-worth individuals wish to create a unique lifestyle that blends the best of what modern society has to offer, but also offers privacy, security, luxury amenities and the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Play championship golf, hit the racquet club or elite fitness center in the morning and then fly into the city for an afternoon meeting or a night on the town. Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club will strive to be energy independent by creating green sustainable energy through a 10-Megawatt community-solar farm, the conversion of waste to clean electricity through an existing technology called gasification, greenhouses, and other available technologies.

Aero Estates Development Group, Inc. seeks an investor partnership to create a world class residential aviation community that will integrate the finest of amenities and a one stop shop for aviators and aircraft owners that continue the history of aviation.  As the project developer, we will manage strategic partnerships for design, development, and completion of the exclusive airport and golfing community.  The five-phase development will take 3-years to break ground, initiate sales, and we’ll host the grand opening the last quarter of year four, for a total of 14-years to complete the project.  The first two years we complete the design, feasibility, secure assessments, approvals and permits, completing major development in Q4 of year four, generating positive cash flow in year five and reaching the break-even point in year seven.

The veteran-owned company’s CEO and Developer previously owned and developed Aero Estates Airpark (T25), a successful residential airport community located on 120-acres adjacent to Lake Palestine in East Texas. Robert is, and his team are experienced project developers versed in planning, land development, marketing, sales, and project management. Robert has developed a team of expert professionals’ familiar with all aspects of the project. We will team with a well-known and nationally recognized Design-Build General Contractor that operates in the area where we finalize the development site.  We are currently in collaboration with renowned designers, architects, and leading experts in their field which include 1) Delta Airport Consultants, Atkins Global, etc. that specialize in full-service General Aviation design and planning, 2) top-rated golf course designers, and 3) the award-winning McMahon Group and Chambers USA for the design of the country club and fitness center.

Our Mission: We are committed to developing aviation-oriented communities and infrastructures that are uniquely part of the transportation evolution and a modern lifestyle.

Robert Huber


Aero Estates Development Group, Inc.

The project consists of:

  • 8,000+ acres strategically located close to a metropolitan center in Montana’s vast outdoor setting.
  • Green sustainable energy through a 10-Megawatt community-solar farm, conversion of waste to clean electricity (gasification), greenhouses and other available technologies.
  • 700 residential estate lots, 120 townhomes and condominiums, 30 Aviation Business Park commercial building sites and 70 General Aviation hangars for sale and lease.
  • Two championship level 18-Hole par 72 golf courses, a 9-hole short course, and an elegant Country Club with first class amenities.
  • 9,800 x 130 ft FAA Instrument Approach Runway, Helipads, AWOS-4 with Micro Tower, all-weather airpark/airport, Full-Service FBO and Aviation Business Park.
  • Elite Fitness Center, day spa, men’s boardroom salon and resort-style pool with lap lanes.
  • Racquet Club with a main center court with 6 lighted tennis and 6 pickleball courts.
  • State-of-the-art Equestrian Center, 50 horse stalls, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, riding trails.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Lawn bowling greens, bocce ball, croquet, giant outdoor chess sets, shuffleboard and basketball courts.
  • Park with kids playing areas, sports fields, camping areas, extensive hiking, biking, jogging trails, fitness stations, and obstacle course trail system.
  • Elegant arched private entrance manned gates, modern state-of-the-art secured community with 24/7 roving patrols committed to safety and protection for our residents;
  • Professionally administered POA dedicated to the highest level of quality living and protection for its members.
  • Potential for a Flight Department and Air Charter Company providing transportation services for residents and clients.

Development Concept

Aero Estates Development Group has located several potential development sites (8,000+ acres) in Montana.  The developer’s strategic vision is to build a number of networked and themed residential airpark and golfing communities built over 15-20 years; revolving around a common shared passion: Aviation, Golf and/or The Outdoors. Providing aviators, aircraft owners, golfers and active individuals the opportunity to share different resources at discounted rates where different amenities are available. Other locations could offer seasonal sports and activities (snow skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, arts and crafts, etc.).  The Southeastern United States would be an ideal location for outdoor activities, boating, beach life, hiking, hunting, etc. themed development. We easily scale the development as we have designed a smaller project called Aero Estates Executive Airpark and a larger project called Aero Estates Emerald Club.  In 10-15 years, we envision developing future land and skyport communities and skyport infrastructure (business centers, shopping malls, rooftop launchpads, etc.) as flying vehicles, aerial ridesharing, skyports and space travel bring new opportunities in the not too distant future.  Residential airpark communities have similar qualities that future skyports will provide. They essentially link all forms of urban transportation, make our communities an integral component of the transportation evolution, decreasing traffic congestion, enhance quality of life and make the community more accessible to the global market.

We currently seek funding through a partner that shares the same passions for aviation, golf, and the outdoors to develop Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club – a 920-unit luxury residential airpark and golfing community. The partner(s) will likely be someone or a group who share the same passion and vision we have and are energized by our fun, profitable, sustainable, and legacy worthy project. The development requires $580 million spread across a four-year funding structure. The scale of this project will be the largest, most modern and elaborate residential airpark and country club communities in the world.  Let’s build that dream!  The yearly club member and POA fees for residents, social member fees, non-resident golf course fees, guest rental property, grand ballroom and hangar rentals, pro shop and beverage cart revenue and other funding streams; will provide the yearly operational and maintenance expenses to create a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come.

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The development is essentially split in two with one side providing direct access to the private runway via taxiways from the residential lots on the airpark side and a golfer, racquet and equine paradise on the other. All having access to the country club and numerous other amenities from the residential lots, townhouses, and condo units. Additional amenities include a full-service FBO, Aviation Business Park, and two (2) championship-level signature designed 18-hole par 72 golf courses, and a 9-hole short course. A world-class golf training facility, 400-yard practice range with greens, bunkers, and rough training areas to provide different options for golfers to practice and warm up. We aspire and have designed the development to host PGA, LIV Golf and USGA tournaments in the future.

The 9,800 x 130-foot FAA compliant Instrument Approach Runway, Helipads, a Full-Service FBO and Aviation Business Park with 30 commercial pad building sites ranging from 0.75 acres to 3-acres. Easily accommodating large business jets (e.g., Gulfstream G700, Bombardier Global 7500) and Helicopters able to taxi back unobstructed to the airpark residential lots via a network of 40-foot-wide taxiways with 140-foot setbacks zones between structures to allow up to large business aircraft to safely taxi. Aircraft will not overfly the golf course and country club side of the development to minimize any noise concerns. Additional first-class amenities includes an elegantly designed grand country club with all the amenities you would expect, fine dining restaurant, bar & grill, cafe’, an adjacent elite fitness center, day spa, men’s boardroom salon, racquet club with a tournament main center court alongside six lighted tennis courts and six pickleball courts, a resort style pool with lap lanes, splash park for kids and adults, adjacent lawn bowling greens, bocce ball, croquet, giant outdoor chess sets and shuffleboard. The development also will include a state-or-the-art Equestrian Center, large park with soccer, baseball and football fields, fitness stations, covered kids play area, camping, extensive jogging, walking, biking & obstacle course trails, all within a private gated community with 24/7 on-site professionally trained security.

The development of Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club Subdivision requires 3-6 months to confirm suitable development sites, conduct feasibility analysis, due diligence, obtain site surveys, evaluate site data, preliminary zoning investigation and narrow down the selection to 1-2 development sites. We’ll begin refining the conceptual plans by teaming with professional aviation, club, golf and tennis firms and consultants, then begin subdivision planning with a selected design-build general contracting firm. The remaining part of the first year we’ll select a final master plan, focus on regulatory requirements, and land entitlements (impacts, environmental assessments, reports, studies, zone changes, etc.), finalize a site selection and enter into a right of first refusal land contract. Year two will begin with hiring a majority of the development team, completing the land entitlement process, subdivision platting, submitting the preliminary plan and begin the subdivision review process with the local planning board. We’ll also begin our on-line marketing campaign to include magazine articles and exhibit at a national airshow and golf expo. The last half of year two, we’ll finalize construction plans with the design team, receive subdivision planning approval and complete the land acquisition process. Early in year three, we break ground, finalize on-boarding the development team with a majority of the major development completed in the 4th quarter of year four. Our detailed Action Plan outlines development, marketing and sales milestones, goals and tasks for each of the five phases required to successfully stay on schedule, within budget, meeting sales goals and mitigating risk. In years 5-14, we’ll complete the phased developments expanding available residential lots and amenities within the subdivision and focus on meeting and exceeding our yearly sales goals.


Foot Paved Runway

Square Foot FBO/Pilot Lounge

Signature & Championship Golf Courses


Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club’s lighted paved runways and helipads are the gateway to the world with adjacent homes and will be the focal point for annual fly-in events. Airpark residents will enjoy runway access from residential lots via 40-foot wide taxiways (140-foot setbacks), full-service FBO, GPS Approaches, Pilot-Controlled Lighting (PCL), Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS-3), Standard Instrument Departures (SID), Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR), Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), Airport Beacon, and FAA compliant lighted Helipads with PAPI.

We have often heard that there is nothing like being able to walk out of your back door to your hangar into your plane and take off for an adventure. Many fantasize about the lifestyle of living in a community of like-minded and fun-minded aviators. More and more pilots are finally deciding to stop dreaming and to start living at airparks across the country. The paved runways will have adjacent homes and residents will enjoy taxiway access from airpark lots, 24/7 self-serve fuel (100LL & Jet-A), aircraft parking area for guests and a 30,000 square foot FBO and hangar for flight planning, relaxing and a common place to get things done.

There is an opportunity to stand up a Flight Department to support the business travel for the initial development (Years 1-4) with the initial purchase of two Gulfstream G550 large business jets, AgustaWestland AW139 medium-lift helicopter, Pilatus PC-24 light business jet and a Pilatus PC-12 NGX single-engine turboprop aircraft. This department will be led by a recognized Director of Aviation, 16 crew and 5 administrative staff. These shared resources along with an experienced and professional flight department will then transition into an Air Charter Service in year five for residents and clients providing safe, efficient, and productive business and leisure travel.


FBO/Pilot Lounge and Hangar

30,000 Square Foot Full-Service FBO and 81,000 Square Foot Hangar

The 30,000 square foot full-service FBO will be the place to plan your next flight, link up with your pilot or passengers, relax with fellow aviators, address any last-minute business needs, enjoy a museum of aviation articles and enjoy some refreshments. The 170′ x 110′ x 35′ canopy provides a covered aircraft parking area, allowing drive-up service for even the largest business aircraft. The FBO will include full-service aviation support, maintenance, full and self-service fuel, an attached 300′ x 270′ x 35′ hangar, and a 350,000 square foot aircraft parking area. The Aviation Business Park will include 30 commercial pads sites ranging from 0.75 acres to 3 acres and 70 hangars for sale and rent with direct access to the runway, attracting aviation companies providing innovative work in the industry. An opportunity also exists for a lease to own FBO, offering primary support services to the general aviation community.

Country Club

Elegantly Designed Grand Country Club

An elegantly designed grand country club with a pro shop, restaurants, adjacent elite fitness center, day spa, men’s boardroom salon, racquet club with a tournament main center court alongside ten synthetic clay tennis courts and eight pickleball courts, resort style pool, splash park and outdoor spaces are good for pleasure and business. With the right amenities and features, the surrounding country club location becomes a go-to destination for friends and family when they’re not in the air, playing a round of golf, tennis, swimming, biking or enjoying the other amenities like four adjacent lawn bowling greens, four bocce ball courts, four croquet courts, four giant outdoor chess sets and four shuffleboard courts. The estimated 70,000 sq/ft country club with front and back wrap around covered patios will be furnished comfortably and with a touch of custom decorative accents, romance fireplaces and lighting to capture the moment. The club will be the focal point for those playing sports, enjoying a meal and drinks or just a common place to come and meet friends to relax.

Gated Front Entrance

Two 24/7 Manned Security Entrance and Exit Locations

The modern designed guard gated front entrances will be the vehicle and pedestrian entrance and exit point for the community. The professional security guards will control access, conduct roving patrols, enhance the safety of the residence and their assets, and provide an added level of protection for the development’s amenities. We will leverage security technology solutions to automate entry procedures for the residence, easily allow registering of guests and to monitor activity outside and within the development. All designed to maximize safety, protect you, your family, and your property.

Two Championship-Level – Signature Designed 18-Hole Par 72 Courses, 9-Hole Short Course

We will team with two well-known and nationally acclaimed golf course design firms to create two (2) championship-level signature designed 18-hole par 72 golf courses and a 9-hole short course. A world-class training facility, 400-yard range and a second basic range to provide different options for golfers to practice and warm up. We aspire and have designed the development to host PGA and USGA tournaments in the future. Some people think golf is a sport stuck in traditional ways, but it is actually constantly evolving. New and exciting courses have battled their way into the golf rankings, and we will make every attempt to achieve the expert’s high ranking. The course layouts will focus on testing a pro golfer’s skills through a variety of doglegs, distances, and hazards through a diversification of different shots. The intent is to design each course around the ambiance, where you can sense the traditions of the game of golf.

Resort-Style Pool

Pool with Lap Lanes, Splash Park and Water Features

There’s nothing more refreshing than plunging into a sparkling pool on a hot day with the blue sky above. The private “waterfront” tailor-designed resort-style pool will feature infinity edges, lap lanes, water features, a splash park for kids, glamorous landscaping, cabanas, and automated cleaning and heating. The pool area will be an extension of the modern and elite fitness center coordinating trim details and colors, to include an outdoor kitchen for parties and gatherings.


Racquet Club with Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Tournament Main Center Court with 12 Lighted Tennis and Pickleball Courts

Sports are great for so many different reasons. They all (well most) offer great workouts, competition, camaraderie and fun.  But what sport is the best?  Well tennis is, of course!  A first-class racquet club with a tournament main center court alongside 6 synthetic clay lighted tennis courts and 6 pickleball courts, will be perfect for the competitive player or maybe to take a lesson from someone to improve your game. The courts will be separated by covered sitting areas to relax between games and to enjoy time with friends.

Equestrian Facility​

Competition-Level Outdoor and Indoor Riding Arenas

State-of-the-art stables with a custom 120’ x 200’ indoor riding arena and a 150’ x 300’ outdoor riding arena. The premier equestrian complex will include a 50-stall barn (with tack room, office, dorms, feed room, and wash bay), several fenced pastures, riding trails, a heated and lighted indoor riding arena, and an outdoor Olympic-size dressage arena. Coaching and training staff can be funded by users of the facility.

Jogging, Biking, Hiking and Obstacle Trails

Extensive Improved Surface Trail System

The extensive jogging, biking, hiking, and obstacle course trail system throughout the subdivision will provide an outdoor sanctuary for those interested in exercising, exploring, hiking, walking or just enjoying the natural outdoors. Designed to appeal to a wide variety of users, from casual walkers to competitive runners to hardcore mountain bikers. The goal is to provide active individuals the ability to challenge every muscle in your body through connected jogging and bike trails, exercise stations, and an integrated obstacle course on and off the trails.

Development Plan


Phase I (Year 1) – $66,102,730

12-Months: Finalize Development Site Selection, Conduct Feasibility Analysis, Due Diligence, Consult with Aviation, Club and Tennis Design Professionals to Finalize Plans, Team with Golf Course Design Professionals to Design/Build Golf Courses, Purchase Aircraft, Site Survey, Begin Regulatory Requirements & Entitlements, Subdivision Planning with Design-Build Firm, Choose Final Master Plan and Enter into Right of First Refusal Land Contract.

12-Months:  Scout Identified Properties to Develop, Conduct Feasibility Analysis, Due Diligence, Consult with Aviation, Club and Tennis Design Professionals to Finalize Plans, Team with Golf Course Design Professionals to Design/Build Golf Courses, Purchase Aircraft, Site Survey, Begin Regulatory Requirements & Entitlements, Subdivision Planning with Design-Build Firm, Choose Final Master Plan and Enter into Right of First Refusal Land Contract.


Phase I (Year 2) – $113,577,466

12-Months:  Hire Remaining Development Team, Complete Land Entitlement Process, Subdivision Platting, Submit Preliminary Plan and Begin Subdivision Review Process, Begin Marketing Campaign Magazine Articles in Top Aviation, Golf and Other Best Selling Magazines, Exhibit at the National Golf Expo and the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Finalize Construction Plans with the Design Team, Receive Preliminary Subdivision Planning Approval and Complete Land Acquisition Process.


Phase I (Year 3) – $403,161,715

12-Months:  Construction Permits Approved, Construction Stakeout, Construction Begins (Clearing/Demo, Grading), Set Temporary Construction Office, Development and Office Equipment Purchase, Final Subdivision Approval, Rough Grading, Wet & Dry Utilities, Begin Construction of Golf Courses, Runways, Phase I Roads and Taxiways, Develop 40 Phase I Residential Lots, Begin Construction of FBO with Hangar, Country Club, Maintenance Facilities Fitness Center, Tennis and Pickleball Courts and the Gated Front Entrances, Corporate Office and Model Homes, 30 Commercial Pad Sites, 70 Hangars, Exhibit at the Golf Industry Show, SUN’nFUN Aviation Expo, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention and the NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), Phase I Roads and Taxiways Completed, Runway and Aircraft Parking Area Completed, Airport Beacon/AWOS/VASI Installed, Aviation Self-Serve Fuel Systems Installed.


Phase II (Year 4) – $412,389,916

12-Months:  Complete Phase II Roads and Taxiways, Develop 64 Phase II Lots, Begin Construction on 60 Townhomes and 60 Condos, Equestrian Facility, Begin 10-Megawatt Solar Farm and Clean Energy Waste Solutions, FBO and Gated Front Entrance Completed, Runway and Phase II Taxiway Lighting and Hangars Completed, Parks, Camping Grounds and Jogging/Walking Trails, FAA Airport/Runway Approval, Exhibit at the Denver Golf Show, Chicago Golf Show, SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, Paris Air Show, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention and the NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition; Construction Completed on the Golf Courses, Country Club, Maintenance Facilities, Fitness Club, Tennis & Pickleball Courts and the Resort-Style Pool, Host our Open House and Host our First Scheduled Airpark Fly-In Event.


Phase III (Year 5) – $114,208,104

12-Months:  Complete Phase III Roads and Taxiways, Develop 86 Phase III Lots, Construction Completed on Townhouses and Condos, Exhibit at the National Golf Expo, an International Golf Event, LA Golf Show, SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, Athens Flying Week Air Show and the NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Major Development Items Inspected, Punch List Completed, Host Annual Golf and Tennis Tournaments.


Phase IV (Years 6-7) – $91,218,470

2-Years:  Complete Phase IV Roads and Taxiways, Develop 189 Phase IV Lots, Transition Airpark Management to the Property Owner’s Association, Exhibit yearly at the PGA Merchandise Show, National Golf Expo, SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, International Golf Event, LA Golf Show, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Exhibit at the Singapore Air Showand Dubai Air ShowInternational Events, Host Yearly Fly-In Event, Golf & Tennis Tournaments.


Phase V (Years 8-14) – $259,036,736

4-Years:  Complete Phase IV Roads and Taxiways, Develop 388 Phase V Lots, Exhibit yearly at the National Golf Expo, SUN’n FUN Aviation Expo, International Golf Event, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In Convention, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition, attend 2-3 International Aviation and Golf Events, Host Yearly Fly-In Event, Golf & Tennis Tournaments.



Marketing Strategy


Our marketing strategy and Action Plan focuses on targeting a niche aviator/aircraft owners and golfing industry by exhibiting at selected domestic and international aviation and golf trade shows 6-7 times a year, maximizing internet and social media marketing and SEO strategies to drive traffic and buyers to our website and subdivision.  We’ll strategically place magazine articles and advertisements to attract potential buyers and create opportunities to close the sale.  Our internet and social media marketing (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vlogs, Blogs, etc.) is a core focus for driving potential buyers to our website and to the subdivision to meet our sales goals.  The Director of Sales and Marketing will lead our development team in a forward-looking approach with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage from other established residential airparks and golfing communities.  We’ll also explore options to advertise and develop sales not only domestically, but in Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. We will accomplish this through the following means:


  • Advertising budget is $41M over 14-years ($3M-$4M per Year)
  • Leverage SEO strategies for website and social media platform presence to attract traffic and buyers and provide valuable data about our customers
  • Exhibit yearly at three (3) U.S. national air shows and exhibitions (AirVenture Oshkosh, SUN ‘n FUN EXPO, NBAA Aviation Convention & Exhibition , etc.) and one (1) international air show (i.e. Paris Airshow, Athens Flying Week, The ILA Berlin Air Show, etc.) promoting the residential airpark with a combined audience of over one million per year
  • Exhibit yearly at three (3) U.S. national golf expos and shows (National Golf Expo, Golf Industry Show, etc.) and one (1) international golf show promoting the residential airpark & golfing community with a combined audience of over one million per year
  • Placement of articles and advertisements in nationally recognized magazine publications:  Flying Magazine 6 times a year (192,000 circulation, 466,000 total reach), Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Pilot Magazine 6 times a year (495,000 Reach based on circulations and distribution to airports/FBOs and aviation events), Golf Magazine and Golf Digest 6 times a year (3,000,000 circulation combined), and Forbes, Money, Wired, Esquire, GQ, Maxim, Details, Traveler, Outside, etc. throughout the year
  • Enlisting services that will keep the website at the top of key internet search engines, email marketing sequences
  • Provide short virtual tours and encourage buyer testimonials on our website and social media platforms
  • Link exchange with aviation and golf enthusiast-oriented websites
  • Increase advertising and special promotions to coincide with seasonality peaks
  • Explore options to generate sales abroad and stay within budget

Sales Strategy


Our core sales team consists of the Director of Sales & Marketing, two Sales Managers, President and the CEO that will follow an Action Plan to implement a clear sales process and goals, to quickly position us to maximize market share and to create growth.  Early in the development phase, we anticipate a fast sales cycles as we offer luxurious amenities to both aviators and aircraft owners, but also to a broad golfing community.  We’ll drive business to our website and subdivision through a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes maximizing internet and social media marketing, SEO strategies, exhibiting at aviation and golf trade shows and strategically placed magazine articles and advertisements in nationally recognized magazine publications.  The new subdivision offering custom homes, runways, full-service FBO, signature designed golf courses, elegant country club, fitness facility and multiple outdoor recreational activities will attract local, second and third home buyers.  We’ll make connections with prospective buyers, develop customer profiles to enhance our marketing plan and capitalize on relationships where we’ve built trust to ask for specific referrals – to dramatically amplify targeting our niche market and improve our sales strategy.  We took a conservative approach outlined below based on subdivision sales models to derive the number of lots we will sell per year, by aggressively marketing a niche aviator/aircraft owners and golfing industry.


Year 3: 50 Lots at $197,500,000

Year 4: 74 Lots/Units/Commercial Pad Sites/Hangars at $257,975,000

Year 5: 96 Lots/Units/Sites/Hangars at $352,060,000

Year 6-7: 209 Lots/Units/Hangars at $811,050,000

Year 8-9: 158 Lots/Hangars at $715,300,000

Year 10-14: 295 Lots at $1,815,950,000

Total:  $4,149,835,000


Funding Structure

Year 1: $180,000,000  – Finalize development site selection, refine designs and master plan, launch marketing campaign, begin entitlements, gain the support of local planning board/commission, site selection, and enter into a right of first refusal land contract.

Year 2:  Onboard development team, preliminary subdivision planning approval, and complete land acquisition.

Year 3:  $230,000,000 – Break ground and initiate sales.

Year 4:  $170,000,000 – Major development completed and host grand opening.

Total Funding Required: $580,000,000 (Positive Cash Flow Year 5, Break Even Point in Year 7)

Total Unit Sales Revenue for 14-Years: $4,149,835,000

Total Property Operations Revenue for 14-Years: $301,666,500

Total Expenses Phases I-V: $1,745,747,110

Total EBITDA for 14-Years: $2,814,261,890

Net Present Value (NPV) End of 14-Years: $977.76M

ROI: 385.22%

Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 38%

**Revenue generated from sales and operations will support remaining development/operational costs in years 5-14.


Repayment Structure: $1,900,000,000

➢     Year 5:  $200,000,000 (Years 5-14: Assumes 28% Federal/State Tax, >70% Net Profits to Investor)

➢     Year 6:  $250,000,000

➢     Year 7:  $290,000,000 (Break Even Point)

➢     Year 8:  $180,000,000

➢     Year 9:  $180,000,000

➢     Year 10:  $180,000,000

➢     Year 11:  $180,000,000

➢     Year 12:  $150,000,000

➢     Year 13:  $150,000,000

➢     Year 14:  $140,000,000

We are looking for an individual or group of investors who share our passion for aviation, golf, the outdoors, and community.  Let’s build a dream!


Leadership and Management


Robert E. Huber, PMP – CEO/Developer

Robert previously owned and developed Aero Estates Airpark (T25) from 2002 to 2012.  Aero Estates Airpark is a successful residential airport community located on 120-acres along Lake Palestine in East Texas. Aero Estates Airpark has a 3,100 x 60-foot Bermuda grass runway, taxiways from all lots, pilot-controlled lighting, heliport, floatplane dock, visual approach slope indicator (VASI), and a four-acre lakefront common area.  The family founded Aero Estates, LP in 2002 to provide aviation enthusiasts with a pilot-friendly community in a shared interest residential environment.  Robert was responsible for property development, operations, future development, marketing, and sales.  It was a great opportunity and time to conceptualize and develop the property with his father, George, and stepmother, Maud.  They built a beautiful airpark on a shoestring budget, based on hard work, determination, perseverance, and a lot of learning along the way.  They also learned how important it is to effectively collaborate with the Property Owners Association on issues of community matters.  Aero Estates Airpark (T25) had numerous fly-in events and brought in surrounding communities which promoted interest and camaraderie. Residents enjoyed afternoons and evenings on the lakefront paired with airpark gatherings, boating, and water sports.

The Huber family developed and sold 167 residential airpark lots at Aero Estates Airpark while balancing full-time careers.  Robert attended numerous airshows like EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-in Convention in Wisconsin and the Sun-n-Fun Expo in Florida as an exhibitor to get exposure and successfully generated business. Routinely placed advertisements in magazines sent brochures from purchased mailing lists, and monthly emails to potential clients, and provided personal tours of the airpark. In 2005, Robert bought his father and stepmother out of the business and then sold the remaining few acres of property in late 2012.

Robert received a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1997.  He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine and Instrument Ratings, and is a combat veteran with multiple tours.  Robert is currently a Strategic Account Manager for a large defense contracting company supporting international and domestic project initiatives that span the fields of Biometrics, and Identity Solutions.  He has a successful track record in land development, residential airpark operations, program management, business development, sales, problem-solving and training. Robert began the development of Aero Estates National Airpark & Country Club 4-years ago conceptualizing, consulting, budgeting, and dreaming of an opportunity to build a luxury airpark and golf community.


Oliver R. Meissner, Vice-Chairman Board of Directors

Oliver Meissner is a seasoned government relations professional, entrepreneur, and investor. In 2006, Oliver established The CONSILIO Group, a prominent lobbying firm headquartered in Washington DC, which specializes in U.S. Government related outreach in support of technology and infrastructure related endeavors. At CONSILIO, Oliver has secured U.S. Government legislation and funding on behalf of the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security related technology projects and has performed outreach for mega-solar projects in the Middle East and solar manufacturing plant development in the U.S.

Oliver also co-founded laser optics company Onyx Optics, Inc. in 1992 and served as CEO from 1995 to 2005 growing the company into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.  He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Berkeley.  Oliver is an avid golfer, musician, and has secured several awarded and pending patents, primarily in the optics field.


Eric E. Rahenkamp, Chairman for Land Development

Eric E. Rahenkamp is the founder of Rahenkamp Design Group, Inc. He graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Penn State University, and has over twenty years of experience in land use planning, site planning, landscape architecture, regulatory permitting and land development activities. While employed by John Rahenkamp Consultants, Inc., he served as site planner on a variety of large-scale master planned communities throughout the United States including Flower Mound, a 5,000 acre new town in Dallas, TX. Since forming Rahenkamp Design Group, Inc. in 1986, he has been responsible for the design, permitting, and development of numerous residential, commercial, recreational and office projects throughout the State of Florida, as well as providing litigation support services for real estate and eminent domain matters. He is qualified as an expert witness in land planning and landscape architecture in the Florida Circuit Courts of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Miami-Dade, Orange, Alachua, Volusia, Sarasota, Marion, Broward and Lee counties.

Eric E. Rahenkamp is a current member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and the American Planning Association and is a Registered Landscape Architect in the State of Florida (License #1554). He served as Vice Chairman in 2003 and Chairman in 2004, 2005 and 2006 for the City of Tampa Variance Review Board, as the Subcommittee Chairman for the Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Steering Committee, as a member of the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2006 of the Association of Eminent Domain Professionals, and as the Director, from 2008 to present, for the West Lakeland Water Control District. He was the winner of the 1995 Southeast Builder’s Conference Grand Aurora Award and the 1995 Hillsborough County Planning Commission Community Design Award for site planning, landscape architecture and development management services for IAS Corporate Center.


CJ Archer, Chief Operating Officer

CJ Archer is a celebrated and retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran awarded the Legion of Merit as well as several other combat-related awards, campaigns, and decorations.  CJ has a successful track record in the supervision and administration of military and government programs, technology integration, and real estate and property management.  Currently, he advises mission-focused solutions addressing critical infrastructure and technology for a major US-based corporation while providing executive leadership for government and defense programs.  CJ is an accomplished organizational leader, cultivating multi-billion-dollar projects from inception to maturity, while overseeing a seasoned team of managers which include hundreds of direct and indirect globally dispersed employees.

CJ holds a Master of Science in Human Resource and Development with a concentration in Business Administration from Webster University.  CJ is active in his local community having served as the Director of his Homeowner’s Association, President of the local Youth Association, and Vice President of the Special Forces Association Chapter 7.  CJ is an avid bicyclist, certified Advanced Scuba Diver, Emergency Medical Technician, HAM Radio Operator, and Military Auxiliary Radio System Station Manager.  Additional awards and recognition include the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Exceptional Achievement Medal, Secretary of Defense Leadership Award, ICE Directors Interagency Collaboration Team Award, and West Virginia Biometrics Excellence Award.


Justin Buckwalter – Senior Vice-President of Regional Operations

Justin is a versatile executive that has experience leading large international programs where he has full responsibility of profit and loss, along with leading business development efforts, and leveraging his key relationships in the region.  He currently is the Business Development Director for the Middle East Region for a large defense contracting company, leading strategic growth initiatives in the region across the company enterprise.  He has lived in the region since 2010 where he has supported the Royal Saudi Air Force, Qatar Emiri Air Force, Royal Bahraini Air Force, US Air Forces Central Command, and US Army Corps of Engineers, receiving numerous awards and accolades.

A former American football player in college, Justin continues to feed his competitive juices as an avid golfer. He has played around the world to include many of the top ranked courses, while also going where others typically don’t.  The most extreme example of this would be playing golf in Nepal at the base of the Himalayas.

Justin has a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Communications from North Dakota State University.  He is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Louisiana State University, with an expected graduation date of May 2024.  Finally, Justin is one of less than 500 individuals globally that hold the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP), Program Management Professional (PgMP), Project Management Professional (PMP), Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certifications from Project Management Institute.


TBD – Vice-President, Golf and Club Operations


TBD – Vice President of Development and Airpark Operations


Len Goodman, MBA – Business Consultant

We are working with Business Consultant Len Goodman of Biz Analysis LLC. Len has an MBA, was CEO of the Hammell Corporation, and has over 25-years as a top-level business analyst and consultant. Len also had a 20-year career as an airline pilot for Trans World Airlines and Director of Flight Operations IT for Air Tran Airlines.


Tara Taylor, Ph.D. – Business Plan Consultant

Dr. Taylor is a consultant who leverages wide experiences that focus on practices that create sustainable success across all areas of project management, professional learning, and administrative leadership.  Dr. Taylor completed her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Leadership and Policy Studies at Virginia Polytechnic and State University and holds several advanced degrees in leadership, education, and liberal arts areas.  She has served as an administrator and educator for 20+ years and has led workshops, as well as professional development, both internationally and domestically which focus on optimizing performance, collaborations, and shared community success.  She was recently named the 2022 National Administrator of the Year by the EdTA organization.




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